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Mechano-modulatory synthetic niches for liver organoid derivation.

Sorrentino G.*, Rezakhani S.*, Yildiz E., Nuciforo S., Heim M.H., Lutolf M.P.§ and Schoonjans K.§.

Nature Communications. PMID: 32651372. * equal contribution, §corresponding authors.

Bile Acids Signal via TGR5 to Activate Intestinal Stem Cells and Epithelial Regeneration.

Sorrentino G., Perino A., Yildiz E., El Alam G., Sleiman M.B. and Schoonjans K.
Gastroenterology. PMID: 32485177.


Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein 1 couples mechanical cues and lipid metabolism.

Bertolio R., Napoletano F., Mano M., Maurer-Stroh S., Fantuz M., Bicciato S., Sorrentino G.* and Del Sal G*.
Nature Communications. PMID: 30902980. *Corresponding authors.


The stiff RhoAd from mevalonate to mutant p53.

Sorrentino G., Mantovani F. and Del Sal G.
Cell Death and Differentiation. PMID: 29511341.

Mechanical cues control mutant p53 stability through a mevalonate–RhoA axis.

Ingallina E.*, Sorrentino G.*, Bertolio R, Lisek K., Zannini A., Azzolin L., Severino L.U., Scaini D., Mano M.,

Mantovani F., Rosato A., Bicciato S., Piccolo S. and Del Sal G.
Nature Cell Biology. PMID: 29255172. *equal contribution


Glucocorticoid Receptor signalling activates YAP in breast cancer.
Sorrentino G.*, Ruggeri N.*, Zannini A., Ingallina E., Mano M., Bicciato S. and Del Sal G.

Nature Communications. PMID: 28102225. *equal contribution


YAP enhances the pro-proliferative transcriptional activity of mutant p53 proteins.
Di Agostino S.*, Sorrentino G.*, Ingallina E., Valenti F., Ferraiuolo M., Bicciato S., Piazza S., Strano S.,

Del Sal G.§ and Blandino G.§
EMBO reports. PMID: 26691213. *equal contribution

MDP, a database linking drug response data to genomic information, identifies dasatinib and statins as a combinatorial strategy to inhibit YAP/TAZ in cancer cells.
Taccioli C.*, Sorrentino G.*, Zannini A., Caroli J., Beneventano D., Anderlucci L., Lolli M., Bicciato S§. and Del Sal G§.

Oncotarget. PMID: 26513174. *equal contribution

p53 orchestrates calcium signaling in vivo.

Sorrentino G., Comel A., Del Sal G.
Cell Cycle. PMID: 25880696.


Regulation of mitochondrial apoptosis by Pin1 in cancer and neurodegeneration.

Sorrentino, G.*, Comel, A.*, Mantovani, F., and Del Sal, G.
Mitochondrion. PMID: 25132079. *equal contribution.

The cytoplasmic side of p53's oncosuppressive activities.

Comel, A.*, Sorrentino, G.*, Capaci, V., and Del Sal, G.

FEBS Letters. PMID: 24747877. *equal contribution.

Metabolic control of YAP and TAZ by the mevalonate pathway.
Sorrentino, G., Ruggeri, N., Specchia, V., Cordenonsi, M., Mano, M., Dupont, S., Piazza, S., Rosato A.,

Piccolo S. and Del Sal G.
Nature Cell Biology. PMID: 24658687.


The prolyl-isomerase Pin1 activates the mitochondrial death program of p53.
Sorrentino, G., Mioni, M., Giorgi, C., Ruggeri, N., Pinton, P., Moll, U., Mantovani, F., and Del Sal, G.

Cell Death and Differentiation. PMID: 22935610.

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